Caring for one of our rescue dogs or cats means time and patience for him or her to blossom into an adorable and adoptable furry friend. You can choose the foster you wish to bring into your home; however, be aware there are many unknown factors, especially with animals from the shelters. Once we have received your foster application, we will do a quick home visit and get to know your family  so we can place the right animal to fit everyone. 
We will provide you with:

  • Food
  • Animal supplies (crates, leashes, collars)
  • Vet care/medication
  • Toys and training tools

We do not have the resources to transfer animals from foster to foster without extended notice, so we need people with the patience to handle any medical or behavioral issues. We only need fosters in Colorado. The average foster duration is two weeks, but we also take medical and hospice cases that may have an unknown duration of foster needs. 

If you have any questions on fostering, please email your questions to

To apply as a foster, please fill out this formfor dogs and this one for cats.

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Foster An Animal in Need