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"We love Renegade to pieces and life is never dull without him. Thank you for adopting him to us even with a small one in the house at the time(who is 6 now). They are great buds. When he came to us his paws were a mess, and the separation anxiety was awful. We now can clip toenails, and we can leave for a few days and he is just peachy with a sitter. We couldn't have asked for a better pup (or 5 yr old) to be in our home. Thank you again."

Our Rescue Success Stories

We receive stories from our adopters about our rescue animals. We thought it better to share with everyone. Do you have a rescue animal from us? Please consider sending a picture and brief story for us to We love to share these happy tails with everyone.

"The moment we saw Violet's (formerly Frankie) picture online, we knew we must meet her. Her adorable face with her one-blue-one-brown-eye puppy-dog look just hooked us immediately. When she came to meet us, it was love at first sight for us, so she began her journey joining our family that very night! It didn't take but maybe 2-3 days and Violet was romping and playing with our other dog, Penny, and trying to love on our senior dog, George. She snuggles with us on the couch, in bed, chases the kids around the house and plays tug of war with Penny and the kiddos. She is happy, gaining confidence, found her hound-dog voice, and is right at home - she's truly meant to be with us! SO happy to have had her find her way into our lives!!"

"Meet Lola, our rescue's namesake. Lola was adopted at 5 months old by our founder and was the driving inspiration behind the rescue. She was anxiety-ridden and couldn't function without a human nearby. Trainers, veterinarians and thousands of dollars in toys and calming aids later, Lola became the best dog anyone could have.  Then at 5 years old, she started running into walls and having minor seizures. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor and a life expectancy of 6 months. Again Lola was as determined and lived another 6 years. She was a shining example of never give up and hence the inspiration to help other animals in need of a family."

Salamandar found an amazing family after almost 4 months in rescue!