In order to find the most appropriate home for your dog, please provide as much detail as possible about his/her history, veterinary care, likes and dislikes, and behaviors. By providing this information you are ensuring the easiest transition for your pet, only you know them best.  Behavior and medical issues do not necessarily create problems but not disclosing them certainly will. Please be truthful about your dog's situation so we can try to provide the best resources to them.  If you are surrendering more than one dog, please fill out a separate form for each one.

It is understood that Lola's Rescue does not buy or pay for dogs.  This is a service to help place dogs in new homes when their present owners can no longer keep them.  This service is free, however a donation to help pay for expenses is greatly appreciated as we are a nonprofit rescue and rely heavily on our donors to continue saving the lives of the dogs that come into our care.  Any amount, small or large, is helpful and can be made on our website or via check sent to 22351 East Bayaud Avenue, Aurora, Colorado 80018. 



I hereby make available for adoption, the dog named below on this form, to Lola's Rescue. I certify that this dog is not possessed of any dangerous or vicious propensities, and that I have not willfully concealed information about the dog that might indicate such propensities. The information I have provided about this dog is true and complete. I herby forever release, discharge and agree to hold harmless and indemnify the Lola's Rescue, its board of directors, its members, officers, and agents from all claims, demands, actions, causes of action or liability of any kind whatsoever arising as a result of or in connection with the adoption or other disposition of the named dog.

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