Welcome to LOLA's Rescue!

We are a 501(c)3 charitable organization dedicated to rescuing and rehoming at-risk dogs and cats. Although we started as a large dog rescue, we have expanded to finding homes for dogs of all sizes and ages -- plus a few kitties.

June/July 2021 Adoptions


Please see the calendar for the most recent events. Also it is much easier if you put in an application ahead of time so we can get you approved.

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Maximize your impact and save lives

Many people say they want to help but don't know how. Sustaining monthly donors save lives every single month. It’s very simple. And incredibly powerful.

With scheduled monthly donations we are better able to plan for the future and save lives without hesitation because we can count on your gift. We make your money go as far as we possibly can.

For $10 (the price of a latte) we can feed a dog for a week or pay for the vaccinations for a puppy or pay for the cleaning supplies for the entire shelter for a week.

To make a monthly donation click the donate button below, enter in the amount and check the monthly check box. For other ways to help the rescue check out the Donate Page.