L.O.L.A's Rescue
Our rescue is dedicated to saving the lives of dogs and now cats from uncertain futures, our efforts are mainly concentrated on working with high kill shelters to reduce the number of adoptable animals being euthanized every year. We also provide spay/neuter services to our local community for unwanted litters in qualified circumstances. 
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We are a foster based, 501(c)3, non profit rescue.  Our main focus is in the rescue of large and giant breed dogs mostly from high kill shelters. We have recently started accepting kittens into our foster program.  To date we have successfully rescued and found loving homes for over 1000 animals. To continue saving lives we depend on contributions and donations and volunteers. We hope to make 2015 our most successful year yet! Please visit our website often for updates, events and new adoptable animals.

How can you help?

There are many ways that you can help us help animals in need. Would you like to help sponsor a spay/neuter, medical care for a specific animal, an adoption fee for a special needs animal, provide food, toys, treats, transport costs to get the animal safely to rescue, or just help our growing everyday care expenses?

 Anyone can click via the Paypal button below, note in your description what you would like your donation to go towards to assist these animals that need your help.

If you would like to sponsor any animal(s) in our care, ie food, toys, or medical needs, please follow the PayPal link below. 

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Dog of the month

Hi my name is Lavinia!

I am a sweet, happy 2 year old pit mix pup.  I came to LOLAS Rescue from a high kill shelter with my 4 puppies.  I was extremely mistreated and underweight due to the actions of my previous owners.  LOLAS Rescue saved me at the last minute from the shelter, the day I was going to be euthanized.  I was happy with all the shelter had offered me and my pups, we had food, shelter and the medical care we so needed, but they got full and could not house us anymore due to space.  It was devastating to know I had tried so hard to keep myself and my puppies alive, all to have lost it due to overcrowding issues.  The shelter staff was so upset they reached out to LOLAS Rescue who found space for us to continue to thrive and heal.  The day we were to arrive to LOLAS I had some uterine complications which almost caused me to lose my life again.  Due to the quick thinking actions of the rescue, shelter and veterinary teams, I was able to receive 4 blood transfusions and an emergency hysterectomy.  I was able to leave the hospital 3 days later and was so happy to be reunited with my puppies.  I am a good mom and continued to nurse until they were old enough to eat completely on their own.  I decided when my puppies were about 10 weeks old I needed I break from them, and my rescuers could see the impact the whole ordeal had on my condition, so we were separated while the rescue prepared all of us to find our loving families.   My amazing puppies have all found the coolest homes ever, with people who love and adore them as much as I did.  I have not been so lucky, my search continues for that family that will cherish me for all that I am, my imperfections and flaws that make me the unique being I am.

Here is a little bit about me: I am kennel trained, although get very bored, very easily and would love to be running and playing all day.  I have made to male dog friends that can keep up with me in my foster home, they run and wrestle with me for hours and I love it!  I have not yet had a female dog friend that has been able to come play with me, but I seem to be very interested in playing with any dog in public.  I do however find small dogs a little over stimulating and I like to play rough, so the bigger the better.  I think I had a bad experience with a cat in a previous life, because I cannot stand them, they make me very angry and I would be best off never seeing another cat again.  I love, love toys, anything that I can rip and tear and squeak is like Christmas all over again, I even have to take my toys with me when I go outside, my toys are my life.  I probably need a kennel while you are away just to be sure I don’t mistake your belongings as toys.  My rescuers tell me that I still need to learn some manners, so a home with no small children, even though I love them, would be best for now.  I don’t understand why the kids don’t enjoy playing like my big dog friends.  I am picky about food and tend to make my rescuers switch it often, it keeps them on their toes.  I am current on all vaccines.  I am heartworm negative and micro chipped.  I weigh about 50lbs but it is all packed into a English bulldog style body.  I am fast as they come and love to run and jump.  I would love the chance to meet you and show you just how wiggly and sweet I am.

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